Welcome to Stockholm Winter Swim Open 2021

Welcome back to an ice cold challenge Stockholm Winter Swim Open is back on March 13, 2021. With regard to Covid 19, we naturally plan to arrange a competition where we take responsibility and do not contribute to an increased spread of infection. We hope that you will be happy to compete and that you have an understanding of the adjustments we need to make so that everything is safe for all of you! We will swim one distans, 25 breaststroke. The competition will be divided into 4 parts. You sign up for one. Ladies can choose to start at 09:30 or 11:00 and men can choose between starting at 12:30 or 14:00. You announce your arrival at the check-in tent and change in the annex. You will be called to the callroom and then go to the start. There will be a maximum of 4 people in each race and good social distance. After the race, you change and go to the check-in tent (we will not offer a sauna and shower as one of the adaptations) and pick up your gold medal and your nice diploma. This year we all think we are winners! If you are really lucky, you are one of those who receive an extra reward from our sponsors. There will be plenty of time for mingling and meetings at a distance before the next starting group arrives. Registration opens October 1. Should we receive new directives on rules of conduct regarding Covid 19, which means that we have to cancel the competition, we ask you to check if you want a refund. Option 1 We then pay back 90% of the registration fee. Option 2 You donate the registration fee to Hellas SK. You can also buy our winter swimming cap. It costs SEK 100. By checking that you want one and paying, we make sure that you get one when you register for the competition. Hope to see you there. Competition management.

For registration and info https://raceid.com/sv/races/6944/about

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